Sorted Memoirs - Slow down and enjoy life

Sorted Memoirs - Slow down and enjoy life

In over twelve years of being Sorted, I have seen and experienced people’s most intimate spaces filled with their frustrations, joys, losses, beauty and a sea of endless memories. .. Like being on a treasure hunt, I’ve found hidden money, outdated vouchers and lost food. With each Sorted solutions I have been very happy to see the difference a great solution makes and the shifts in people’s lives.

Everyone thinks their ‘mess ‘is the worst. I always smile at this because people don’t realize how similar their lifestyles and challenges are. Many of my clients are organised people that have lost control of their base systems because life happens. Babies are born, loved ones come along, move on or pass on, homes and businesses relocate and resize; life is full of transitions.  

And all these cycles don’t exactly work out within the time frame we have set aside for them – that’s if we’ve managed to set aside any…so often the chaos from one or many past phases of one’s life carries over to the next and the next… until people can no longer make a distinction between them. And eventually find themselves drowning in the crowded confusion!

A Client was going through one of her old diaries that I had uncovered. She laughed and read me an entry from 2003 ‘organise study ‘that had been written seven years ago! By this stage one couldn’t get to her desk without serious planning and manoeuvring.. After her Sort she is Super Sorted and now accomplishes great things on a daily basis.

Sometimes the intention to organise is there, people purchase containers etc… but they all eventually also just become a part of the clutter or any excuse to buy more stuff to put into them. Often we get stuck with other people’s clutter too; perhaps a child that has moved out of home, or a friend that stored stuff for a little while a few years ago…Containers full of stuff from grandparents, old businesses, past locations, stuff still in storage etc…

Another common challenge is different archetypes in home and work situations i.e. Messy versus neat personalities, especially in a family or team environment where there are many ‘players ‘ that all have a right to their own flow.


My first boss kept everything, and so therefore I too had to keep everything from the brown paper that wrapped the parcels, to all the used envelopes and string etc. In 1992 we moved premises and had to pack up his storeroom which was full of paper! He had kept all the contents of all the files since the 1960’s. My mother always says that paper is heavy and takes up space. This is true! In less fortunate situations too much paper can attract rats which can bring disease; one of my colleges who deals with chronic hoarding  disorders, often has to wear a full body suit when entering some of these premises.

The common clutter warzone consists of a scary place beneath the kitchen zinc, with a mixture of a lot of explosive chemicals used for cleaning, which don’t often get used for cleaning because they are too lost behind other very dangerous looking cleaning or killing spray cans.

Waste systems have added an extra headache to many as we now have to recycle and keep a compost heap if possible; but then where and how do we keep our food waste without creating an outbreak in our kitchen?

Food cupboards and fridges can be just as dangerous with many opened packets of the same food, like rice with colonies of living organisms setting up camp. Kitchen drawers…become everything drawers…including drawers in passages….in fact … all drawers….if there’s an open space somewhere, it will be filled!

Medicine supplies are usually vast and past their expiry date, with a few packets of the same flu and tummy medicine because you couldn’t find the other packets (wasted money!)

Bathroom surfaces and cupboards are usually stocked with too many labels that are also past their expiry date, full of dust and caked rims.

Garages are used to store broken appliances and boxes of unmarked very important stuff, whilst the car sleeps outside in the rain.

Storerooms become dumping grounds for more no name stuff that is as important as the other stuff in the garage … along with holiday stuff and hobby stuff…or black bags of old clothes where there should be more black bags of old clothes as they no longer fit in any of the cupboards, not even the ones in the garage as the spare room cupboards are also full..


And let’s not forget the joy of our new era… E waste! Computers,  cables, charges, keyboards, pads and mouse’s; earphones, cell phones, tablets, how to manuals, guarantees, warrantees, and many different sized boxes that need to be kept to put them back into when they break so that you can claim back on your guarantee or warrantee because that’s what the manual said!

And if you have children – well I’ve written an entire separate article on that!!

Homes and businesses both experience challenges with their admin systems, bills, in particular archiving and keeping up to date with tax year clearing. Paper piles, dumping grounds, and no real systems to start with can bring on unnecessary stress. Newspapers, magazine and book collections can easily take over, and most families struggle to keep up with photos and old music like records, tapes and cd’s.

Well, the Basic truth is if you can’t find it, you’re wasting time, wasting money and in turn adding stress and extra pressure to your relationships at work and home. You don’t have to be neat to be organised.

Remember you’re not alone! I have a Sorted Solution for you!


 "I was feeling quite overwhelmed by my office, papers and projects everywhere. I had always planned to get it all organised but eventually realised that I would never manage to set aside the time to do it and now I was desperate. I found Michelle through searching on the internet and she was really amazing. My office is not only more organised but actually completely transformed. I feel that I now fit in to the space and have space to think and actually work. First Michelle worked on the whole space and where desks and booked shelves were, then she re-organised everything - even down to the paperclips and where they were kept. She worked hard and cleaned as she went along. Everything that could be recycled or donated was and she worked with everything that I already had.

I was so impressed that I then asked Michelle to help with the house. My two daughters loved the changes to their bedrooms and we loved the space we found in the living areas. We still have some work to do but I have been inspired by working with Michelle and hope that she will continue to help us in the years to come.

Thank you Michelle!"

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