Rearrange your space - Rearrange your self

Rearrange your space - Rearrange your self

Create space to think, dream & plan. “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. We don’t buy things with money we buy them with hours from our lives “Joshua Becker.

I was telling a client about a saying I had heard “Get rid of anything that isn’t beautiful, useful or joyful” and she said that her problem was that she was holding onto too many ‘beautiful ‘ things, and we had a giggle. My philosophy has always been that there is nothing wrong with having stuff it’s all about how you keep it.

Restaurateur and creator of the Madame Zingara theatre of dreams, Richard Griffin; has turned his Clutter collection into successful businesses. He uses furniture and ornaments as props to set the scene in each restaurant. I have experienced wonderful times in a few of his creations and have always felt transported to an exotic land. With his wonderful philosophy of “Less is a bore “ ( O magazine 2012 )  and a few containers of treasures, he keeps setting the stage for magical memories for all.

There has been an on-going debate about clutter – some feel it shouldn’t exist at all whereas others feel that if you don’t allow at least a bit if not a lot of clutter then you stifle one’s creativity, and freedom to think.

We have heard of brilliant people like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mark Twain that all had messy desks yet managed to accomplish great things amidst all the chaos.  I call this Elegant chaos! I personally believe that we are all unique in our needs and require systems that optimise our greatest flow.  

For me a basic truth is that if you can’t find it, you’re wasting time, wasting money and eventually adding stress to your life and relationships.  It is important to have a stimulating, harmonious space that enhances a balanced and efficient lifestyle.  One needs to be grounded before one can enter the world with confidence.

Ergonomics translates from Greek as: Natural laws of Work, and considers health and safety for an individual in relation to their physical working environment; how often have we overlooked these basic requirements? How long does it take you to get a better chair to sit on that won’t hurt your back? When will you move that coffee table that keeps bruising everyone? Or the extension cord that keeps tripping up the guests.  If your space is becoming a health and safety risk, because you haven’t given much attention to these very important details, then I would say you have a potential hazard on your hands.

Clutter can rob us psychologically by stealing our ability to feel motivated in our space. When we get stressed out our diet is also effected, especially when we don’t have proper systems in the kitchen, or can’t get to the good stuff in the fridge or cupboard. Our fundamental base structures need to function efficiently in order for us to manage our lives with ease.

One can blame this modern condition on our super-size me mentality, but more is not necessarily better. ‘Things’ can’t bring the same happiness as a memory of a moment when you did something special with great people; and retail therapy only provides a moment of false happiness, though many would beg to differ. People also often struggle to let go of a past time and hold onto stuff from then to comfort them, even when that stuff hampers their lifestyle. Different archetypes in relationships are a huge challenge if they are extremes e.g. A very neat person living with a very messy person can add a lot of strain on that relationship as each one’s needs need to be met.A house should still be a home and a business environment should be welcoming, yet efficient, not a cold and sterile lab ( unless your job requires you to work in a lab )

“Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of activity.” Mihály Csíkszentmihályi,  I believe the fewer obstacles we have the easier it is to obtain Flow. When we have Flow we accomplish more which adds value to our lives. When our base systems are Sorted then we are able to take back our Power and be Sorted!

The process of getting Sorted can only be accomplished when you are ready for ultimate change in your life, because you will need to maintain that lifestyle. I have seen people’s lives’ turned around for the better; doors of opportunity opened, minds uncluttered have been able to think more clearly. People have accomplished great things because they found their Flow and were no longer hampered by crowded confusion. So in short I believe that if you Rearrange your space you will automatically Rearrange your Self!


“I want to thank you for sorting my house. My life will never be the same again.

Being a creative person and working in a creative field, I had all these ideas, and would try and throw them all together in one cupboard. 

When I had you at my house you helped me to clear the clutter. You gave my wardrobe one look and gave me such a strong sense of how it can be. I definitely make different choices now.

I thank you every day for showing me my true potential and how to have a strong sense of identity and belonging. I can now safely say that all is in its’ place. If I look for a needle – it is where it should be – and not in the haystack!

I will still ask for your advice on a regular basis and treasure your input.

It was indeed wonderful to have you for almost two weeks at my home. I am sure that I will have to repeat this exercise again in the future being a busy working person with little time for myself.

I would strongly recommend Sorted Solutions for all your clutter problems.

Thank you once again.”

By: Michelle| |
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