Crowded Confusion - Later can become Never

Crowded Confusion - Later can become Never

Most people wish for more hours in the day. We find ourselves thinking, “Where does time go?” We don’t get half the things done we needed to and why?

Well, to start the day, you couldn't find the other shoe, keys or your cell phone. You needed a file for the meeting you were rushing off to and spent half an hour searching through the pile on the kitchen counter and the packets under the dining room table. What steals time? CLUTTER!

The dictionary defines Clutter as “Crowded Confusion”. We may have the best intentions to be organised but life happens with its curve balls, and highs and lows. There are always new challenges. If our base isn`t solid then we can become unbalanced. Eventually the chaos that surrounds us begins to affect our wellbeing.

When the Chaos is too overwhelming and obviously there`s no time to tackle it, because Clutter has stolen your time, then Apathy sets in. You begin to feel uninspired, you lose enthusiasm and you have no energy. This turns into Procrastination, and with Procrastination comes Guilt because you keep promising yourself that you will Sort through that paper pile tomorrow (but tomorrow never comes). Eventually you feel like you`re drowning in the Chaos, that you have no Control and that you are Powerless to change it!

When you feel Powerless you are unbalanced and this sets off irritation, senseless arguments, bad diets, lack of exercise, stress and illness. Furthermore, in order to be effective in the world we often focus on external organisation rather than creating internal harmony from an organised and happy home base. This has a negative impact on your Relationships at home and work, your Self Esteem and Health.

What we often forget is that if we don`t have a Balanced Diet, “ Me Time “ and Systems that Flow in the Home, then we start out in Chaos and the rest follows suite. You come first! You need to take care of Your Base Needs First! You need to have your feet firmly on the ground to face your challenges with Confidence and Power!

When you regain your Balance, you Restore Power and Control in your living and working systems, Maximising Time, you Shed the Apathy and Welcome in Energy to Pro-actively do what you need and want to.

So, how do you regain your Power? You get SORTED! Say Goodbye to CLUTTER CHAOS and Hello to Balance and Harmony.



When setting up systems it is best to keep like items together in the correct space in which it will be used.


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