Wedding Blitz


Blitz before Bliss! That’s my motto! Enter new phases of your life un-cluttered!

Wedding Blitz applies to all people going through any transition in life; getting married, having a baby, becoming a toddler, tween, teen, varsity, adult, aged, death,  starting and ending a business, expanding and downsizing, relocating, career changes etc…Dragging unnecessary baggage around is unhealthy for all concerned.

Transitions can be daunting as we say goodbye to a part of our lives and hello to a new beginning. De-cluttering, giving thanks for that time and moving forward with clear systems in place will take off a lot of the stress within a natural transition, and ensure an easier passage.

I offer all services of:

  • De-cluttering
  • Space planning
  • Systems design
  • Guidance through transition


This system is magnificent! Thank you!

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