Space Design


Ergonomics translated from Greek means Natural laws of work. This means that our bodies need to be able to function properly with a natural flow with the equipment and furniture we use daily. One should be able to move in one’s space as if gliding in a waltz. We need room to breathe and think.

We often neglect these concepts of safety when in a hurry setting up a new home or office, maybe more plugs over plugs over plugs over time, which land up becoming a time bomb..? And things that we keep bumping into become part of a bad habit of always complaining about the things everyone keeps bumping into.

Space planning is a very important part of getting Sorted once one has de-cluttered and spring cleaned.


I offer designs:

  • That are custom designed to suite the natural flow of you and everyone else that is involved in the space concerned.
  • That will apply concepts of Ergonomics to ensure your Safety and best possible health options regarding posture, lighting and colour.
  •  And I will organise Electricians etc. If they are required to ensure a safer space.


Michelle re-organised my studio, and now I don`t have to move to a bigger premises or take out insurance against physical harm, as the flooring was unsafe for my models. And I can finally have that cocktail party for all my clients!

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