Team Building


The great outdoors, a healthy dose of physical activity, creativity and shared meals under a starry sky makes for a great team building experience!  I choose Ingwe Forest Adventures when it comes to team building events. Ingwe offers great obstacle courses, treasure hunts, bon fires and sleep overs; and Sorted adds that creative touch.

We share values regarding green issues and that it’s important to get people out of the office and back to nature! Team building events are not centred on competition but rather personal development and overcoming personal challenges.   


Courses available:

  • Plan and film an advert
  • Write and record a song
  • The Ingwe Journey obstacle course
  • The Ingwe Explorer 
  • Themed Fancy dress Parties and conferences



It is wise to always consider the opinion and ideas of all involved in an activity, as all are directly affected, and so therefore have a right to an opinion and the design of a solution.

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