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Rearrange your space Rearrange yourself. This is my message to you. I have seen people personally empowered to do great things after sorting out their base systems first. Every self-help guru has a formula, but before you can do anything, you need to get Sorted! A great business mentor once said, “When preparing for a journey, make sure your bag is lightly packed “

Years ago I challenged some of my students to de-clutter their rooms at home and chuck out things they didn't need any longer; A student announced in his report back that he was very happy that he had completed this task, because whilst he was going through the process and all his stuff he starting thinking of people that were also cluttering up his life and holding him back from achieving things that were important to him! So a simple action had un-cluttered his mind and social circle. He got Super Sorted and eventually became a councillor!

Find your power place again! And do great things in your life!


Hi Michelle, Thank you once again for the wonderful talk you did yesterday!

The team are very motivated!

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