Green Awareness

As all that I teach and do revolves around consciously working with the cycles in nature and life, so too is it important for me to be green conscious and work with green conscious service providers on training workshops and team building events. Ingwe Forest Adventures is the base for a local non-profit organization The Green Ticket, a climate change initiative which is used to reduce your carbon footprint when you use the venue by planting trees to offset your carbon emissions. It calculates your emissions by adding up travel distances and amount of people travelling to and from an event etc. And it’s a tax benefit.  

Printing is only done when necessary and done on recycled paper. Bio degradable products are used during workshops and delegates are taught to respect the natural environment.



Nature is uncluttered. Let’s follow her example! Go Green, trade fairly, treat earth, animals and people properly; and always count your blessings.


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