Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m here to help you get Sorted!

I've been an entrepreneur for 20 years. But I suppose one could say that being a speaker and organiser has always been in my blood. My father was the MC at every event; and from the age of six I started to help my mother in her florist prepare flowers for huge weddings; with this I soon learnt the importance of voice projection and systems for mass production.

I now have a background in Speech and Drama; and in my first business I dealt with high volume mass production, staff training, product development and marketing.

Having dealt with high pressure deadlines, I always had to ensure that the systems I used were the most user friendly, ergonomically correct, green, holistic, efficient and cost effective, to make the project pleasant to deal with under stress and profitable for all concerned.

A business based on my home premises was an extra challenge, maintaining separate, simple and harmonious systems in a place that should always be a safe and balanced sanctum.
Then eventually Sorted was born!

My articles have been published; I’ve been on radio, and the courses I wrote I taught. I’ve been a waste issue speaker and activist since the late 1990’s; and I attended the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 in Johannesburg as an ambassador for a parallel event in Plettenberg Bay (Plett eco and sports festival).

With a passion for the planet, design, ergonomics, and empowering people to find their flow; I ensure an empathetic, non-judgemental, personalised service, and when needed I have very friendly professional teams on hand.

I recently moved back to Plettenberg Bay, and I still service clients in Cape Town and Gauteng.


 To anyone who is worried about having Michelle in your space and amongst your things, don't be. She is professional, efficient but more importantly compassionate and non-judgemental. You won't end up with a solution that does not fit your personality. I have lived in the space that Michelle sorted and there is room to think and plan now.  The bonus too is I find the systems easy to maintain and I spend much more time in the space now. Thank you sorting faerie!

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